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Copyright notice;

  1. The image(s) &/or footage featured throughout this website are ℅ ©2022 Colin Cooper Photography.

  2. Reproduction by arrangement only.

  3. Any interested parties or individuals who wish to discuss featured image(s) &/or footage reproductions, discussion of commissions for consideration &/or enquiries can contact via the website's Contact facility.

  4. All image(s) &/or footage contained on are protected under UK & International Copyright laws & remain the exclusive property of ©2022 Colin Cooper Photography at all times.

  5. All rights reserved.

  6. All data & other editorial information is copyright of ©2022 Colin Cooper Photography (unless otherwise stated) & may not be used without the express permission of ©2022 Colin Cooper Photography.

  7. No image(s) &/or footage may be reproduced, transferred, published, distributed, downloaded, copied, transmitted, used or manipulated in any way, form or means, without the written permission of ©2022 Colin Cooper Photography, for any purpose whatsoever.

  8. Use of any image(s) &/or footage as the basis for another photographic concept, illustration or audio-visual concept (digital, artist rendering or alike), is a violation of the UK & International Copyright laws which may result in legal action.

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